Develop Your Publishing Niche

Every book is precious to an author—as well it should be. A book manuscript represents dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of an author’s precious time (along with a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears).

You may still be in the writing process and need support. Maybe you’ve completed your manuscript and wonder where to go from here. Perhaps you need help with a book cover or interior design layout. Or you may need assistance in digitizing your content to make it readable across multiple e-reader platforms. Whether you need help with some portion of your book’s production or with the entire project, we can help.


Publishing Services

Despite the admonition to never judge a book by its cover, the truth is we all do! First impressions matter. Not only is a professional cover design important to the success of your book, it is absolutely essential.

Once your manuscript has been professionally edited and proofed, we’ll  create a stunning interior design and format your book for print submission.

We will design your ebook and format it for sale on Amazon or other online retailers.

We can help you with print-on-demand services, account setup, and ongoing support.

Additional Services

We’ll design a stunning knock-your-socks-off website to showcase you and your books.

The sky’s the limit with social media promotion. We can get you started with the platforms that are right for you.

This is the place to showcase you. Add multimedia, blog feeds, or upcoming events. We can help you get started.

You have a unique story to tell, one that is important to close relatives, friends, and descendants. Create that cherished family heirloom. We show you how.

We Deliver Dreams!